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So what's Re.Stance? 

Re/Stance is an online donation/advertising platform that enables consumers to donate to charitable initiatives of their choice in exchange for promo codes from their favourite fashion brands.

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"There are limited platforms for empowered and transparent giving"
The Problem
Trees and Mountains


Lets empower all to make a positive impact on the world through ethical and sustainable consumption.

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Meet the Founder

Bianca Gittens is a fashion model with a decade of experience, having worked with leading brands such as Dior, Maybelline, and Levis, she has represented these brands globally. With a desire to create positive change within the fashion industry, Bianca returned to university to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to build Re.Stance, and address issues she encountered with overconsumption. Feeling disempowered, she wanted to create a platform that democratizes the Non Profit Sector space by leveraging the Fashion industry as she noticed that sustainability and giving were gate-kept by the consumers who could afford to do so. As a mixed-race BIPOC individual, Bianca believes that representation at all levels of the industry is crucial for achieving equity and sustainability for social and environmental goals.

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