George Washington was a hemp farmer in addition to being the Commanding General of the Continental Army that won America's freedom. Sails made of canvas brought the earliest settlers to America and those sails were made from hemp.  The latin root of canvas comes from the word cannabis because the sails were made from a cannabis plant.  The hemp strain of the cannabis plant played an important role in American history.  Its fibers were found in fabrics , rope and various construction materials.  Its extracts and the extracts of its cousin, marijuana, were found in all types of remedies and medicines.  And yes, just like all sorts of alcoholic beverages, marijuana has played a role in recreation, relaxation and celebration.  There is no better time than the 4th of July celebration to remember and celebrate in your own way the instrumental role cannabis has played in American history.  Show your support for marijuana legalization this Fourth of July Holiday Season by making the photo here your Facebook Profile Picture or by including the picture in any of your other favorite social media Apps.  Let's show Washington D.C. our overwhelming solidarity behind Making America 420 Friendly Again.