North American Cannabis Holdings Engages Analyst Coverage

Dear North American Cannabis Holdings Enthusiast –

We are sending this email out to all of you that signed up with your email address on the Company’s website.

OTC investors are often familiar with the stock price volatility that might be considered one of the defining characteristics of OTC quoted companies.   That volatility is what attracts many investors.  High returns on investment can be recognized in relatively short periods of time on dramatic changes in share price - whether that price is an increase or a decrease.

Those of us working here at the Company would certainly prefer that most of the returns come from share price increases.  Such returns create a more sustainable investment environment whereby the Company can access necessary investment capital to grow.  Raising money on a declining price per share can be tough row to hoe.

We were optimistic when we launched the corporate name change and introduce the AmeriCanna Café business plan that those seeking returns from an increased price per share would win out over those hedging against an increased price per share.  While the August price per share performance doesn’t tilt toward returns from an increased price per share, we are still optimistic that such a return opportunity remains and is perhaps even better than ever. 

August is just one month.  September is a new month and summer will officially be over in less than one week.  On Tuesday, September 6th, the market will come back to work in full force.

The primary purpose of this letter is to let all of you ‘enthusiasts’ looking for a return from an increased price per share know that the Company has engaged a third party financial analyst to cover our performance and provide some guidance into USMJ’s price per share performance potential.  The analyst will look at the Company in comparison to comparable OTC quoted companies and provide some guidance for you to consider in regard to the potential of USMJ’s future stock performance.

We anticipate the first report within the next 10 business days.  We look forward to sharing it with you.

Steven Rash