North American Cannabis Holdings is pleased to introduce AmeriCanna Cafe Sports and Fitness Nutritional Supplements

Sports nutrition is not just for hard core professional athletes or body builders anymore. More fitness enthusiasts, weekend warriors and health-conscious individuals are seeking the help of sports nutrition supplements to achieve their health goals.




A recent Pew survey shows nearly seven out of ten Americans are tracking their weight, watching their diets, and engaging in exercise routines. A substantial population within the United States is coping with aging, being overweight and a multiplying list of chronic health conditions.  Many are beginning to develop a sense of health awareness and personalizing a response. 




Industry analysts anticipate the sports and fitness nutrition market to reach $8.9 billion by 2020. The largest consumer market is Baby Boomers with a strong awareness and concern for issues related to health and wellbeing.  Baby Boomers have disposable income to spend. Generation Y or Millennials have also shown strong interest in starting fitness regiments early in life to maintain long-term health. Millennials are 83 million strong; Baby Boomers number 76.4 million.


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The sports and fitness nutrition market is already rich with product variety to include powders, beverages and vitamins that aid pre and post fitness routines and supplement healthy lifestyle regimes.  Natural and herbal treatments are one of the fastest growing segments of the sports and fitness nutrition market.  Cannabis extracts offer a wide variety of benefits to sports and fitness and healthy lifestyle consumers.


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Cannabis extracts can provide natural protein supplements, augment healthy fatty acids, enhance weight loss, offer pain management and even treat specific health issues.

THC has proven to reduce the likelihood of death from traumatic brain injuries and is currently the focus of research to treat affected NFL players.  CBD has been proven effective in treating diabetes patients.



Even further benefits are anticipated in the future from on going research as the human Endocannabinoid System (ECS) has only recently been discovered.




In June of this year, North American Cannabis Holdings introduced its rollout of the AmeriCanna Cafe national chain.  Later that month, the Company announced the acquisition of the Dallas Metroplex City Blends Cafe as the strategic cornerstone of the AmeriCanna Cafe rollout.  The Company’s recent financial reports include the approximate $420,000 in annualize revenue coming from the acquisition that served as the impetus for a recent analyst coverage upgrade to a ‘speculative buy’ recommendation and $0.15 PPS target.

North American Cannabis Holdings has already signed its first licensee and announced plans to open its first Company owned retail café in Frisco, Texas.

The Company is now launching a sports and fitness nutritional supplement product line to be sold outside of its AmeriCanna Cafe stores.  The sports and fitness nutritional products will be targeted for retail shelves were sports and fitness nutritional consumers currently shop.  The product line is expected to accelerate sales growth, improve profit margin and augment total achievable revenue.  The sports and fitness nutritional supplement product line enables North American Cannabis Holdings to realize sales without the time and investment required to launch storefronts.

The City Blends Cafe is a 10-year-old operation founded by sports and fitness nutrition experts.

North American Cannabis Holdings is taking advantage of the resident expertise to introduce an initial product line anticipated to include seven separate products.  The product line will be made up of mainstream sports and fitness nutritional supplements and cannabis extract nutritional supplements.  The mix of mainstream and cannabis extract nutritional supplements is intended to facilitate the door opening opportunity into a cannabis product resistant retail market. 

The Company plans to introduce specific products one at a time throughout the first quarter of 2016.





In July of this year, North American Cannabis Holdings entered into a strategic relationship with Puration, Inc. in a transaction that will include an issuance of Puration common stock to shareholders of North American Cannabis Holdings.  Puration will provide North American Cannabis Holdings with a strategic advantage in the introduction of the sports and fitness nutrition product line.




Puration is building a leading cannabinoid extractions operation to include the development of extracted cannabinoids into consumer health and wellness products.  Puration anticipates releasing more information soon on specific recent developments to open an extraction lab and infusion facility in Colorado.  Puration is also working to secure a large scale, USDA certified organic commercial hemp farming operation in China.  If the Company succeeds in China, Puration will be positioned to potentially be one of the largest hemp extract producers globally.



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