North American Cannabis Holdings Cannabis Sector Innovative Leadership Strengthened by Recent DEA Decision

Dallas, TX – September 8, 2016 – North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (USMJ) released a letter form the Company CEO, Steven Rash today.  The letter is included in its entirety below.

Dear Shareholders –

Summer is officially over and North American Cannabis Holdings (USMJ) has big plans for this fall.  We anticipate soon announcing big steps forward in the ongoing development of the AmeriCanna Cafe and the continuing expansion of our pilot program which will finally be producing its first dividend issuance of stock in a pilot program graduate – the first with more to come.   

DEA Rescheduling Decision Music To USMJ Ears

The entrepreneurial future of the cannabis industry looks ripe for the future of innovation and we believe the USMJ business model is unlike any other cannabis industry model in the cannabis sector.  While many see the DEA’s decision to not reschedule marijuana as a setback, we see it as protecting the opportunity for the best innovations yet to come.  Had it been rescheduled, the industry might have been flooded with the mundane commercialization of large pharmaceutical, tobacco and spirit companies.  The ongoing bureaucratic delay will keep big companies on the sidelines, while entrepreneurial endeavors continue to introduce true innovation.  With USMJ’s hard earned, hands-on experience, we believe we are set to take a leadership position within the cannabis sector.

Colorado Restaurants and More Regions Yet To Come

The USMJ business development team will deploy to Colorado next week to solidify next steps with the Rock Mountain High Restaurant Group in the rollout of the AmeriCanna Cafe.  Similar developments are in the works for in other regions.

Shareholder Dividend Date In The Month Of September

A date has been set internally on which the issuance of stock in our first pilot program graduate, Puration, Inc. (PURA), will be determined.  In other words, all shareholders on the set date will be eligible to receive PURA stock.  The internal date is within the month of September.  The public announcement is pending the finalization of all external requirements.  The dividend issuance depends on the support of certain third parties and once those supporting requirements are set in stone, we will announce the date.  The anticipated dividend ratio is one share of PURA for every 200 shares of USMJ.

We expect a busy September and in fact, a very active fall.  I encourage all to check back regularly for updates on our website and published in news releases.


Steven Rash


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