USMJ and PURA Engage Third Prominent Cannabis Sector Public Company in Restaurant and Infused Food and Beverage Strategy

Dallas, Texas – September 22, 2016 – North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (USMJ) and Puration, Inc. (PURA) today announced having engaged a third publicly traded company in the development of strategic plans to introduce a cannabis themed restaurant chain and cannabis infused food and beverage business within the State of Colorado.  The third company and potential new partner is already a prominent contender within the cannabis sector.

Cannabis Enterprise Startups Through Pilots and Spinoffs

USMJ entered the cannabis sector in 2013 with a strategy to pilot various cannabis sector enterprises.  The Company planned to facilitate the financing necessary to expand successful pilot projects by spinning projects off into standalone public companies.  PURA is the first spinoff. 

Market and Capital Expansion Through Strategic Partnership

With optimism for the cannabis sector not yet having quite bridged from enthusiasm-for-a-promising-potential-future to momentum-toward-a-foreseeable-emerging-market, USMJ and PURA management are adding strategic partnerships with existing cannabis sector companies to the existing spinoff strategy in order to bridge the gap from enthusiasm to momentum.

Last year USMJ acquired a fitness cafe as a foundation for piloting a cannabis themed cafe and restaurant. USMJ recently entered into a licensing agreement to roll out its AmeriCanna Cafe restaurant in Colorado:

North American Cannabis Holdings Enters $20 Billon Market Signing Initial $1 Million License Agreement with Rocky Mountain High Restaurant Group

PURA has refined a proprietary cannabis extraction process and executed its first agreement to infuse its extracts into food and beverages to be marketed in Colorado:

Puration and Spanish Peaks ScrumpDelicacies Announce One Million Dollar Cannabis Beverage Collaboration Agreement

The consummation of the contemplated agreement with the prominent cannabis sector public company that is the subject of this press release would both expand the market potential of both USMJ and PURA’s opportunities and improve access to capital.

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