North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. CEO Releases Corporate Update

Frisco, Texas Shopping Center; AmeriCanna Cafe Slated For Street Entrance Location

Frisco, Texas Shopping Center; AmeriCanna Cafe Slated For Street Entrance Location

Dear North American Cannabis Holdings Enthusiasts –

The rollout of the AmeriCanna Cafe bistro is the primary focus of North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc

NBC Evening News Report On AmeriCanna Café To Serve Cannabis Smoothies

As those of you that have been tracking the Company’s progress into the emerging cannabis sector from our days as Algae International Group already know, we’ve had a number of irons in the proverbial cannabis sector fire.  This diversity stems from the Company’s business development strategy to move into the cannabis sector by piloting numerous enterprises in search for one or a handful of promising candidates to commercialize.  The piloting search led the Company to its current primary focus on launching a chain of AmeriCanna Cafe bistros

Our handful of other promising opportunities are being organized into separate businesses through spinoff transactions.  The recent cannabis health and wellness spinoff transaction with Puration, Inc. was the first.  The progress of Puration I will leave for a separate update to come directly from Puration.  I anticipate the Puration update to include the latest on the issue of Puration common stock to North American Cannabis shareholders as committed in the terms of the spinoff transaction between the two Companies.  Other spinoffs from North American Cannabis will follow.  However – please let me reiterate  – North American Cannabis Holdings’ current primary focus is on launching a chain of AmeriCanna Cafe bistros.

The current stage of development in the launch of the AmeriCanna Cafe chain is not a process that lends itself well to the typical over-the-counter company news cycle.  It’s not easy to compose a compelling headline around the process of selecting a site for the flagship AmeriCanna Cafe; nor is it easy to compose a headline about negotiating an acquisition or lease of the property for the store while at the same time designing the look and feel of the store; its also not easy to craft an exciting headline about designing the menu let alone the countless other details necessary to launch the flagship site and rollout the chain.  Even though shareholders may not see a list of published headlines chronicling the development of our AmeriCanna Cafe business, rest assured we are hard at work.  The headlines will come in good time. 

We have announced Frisco, Texas as the site selected for the flagship AmeriCanna Cafe.  Frisco is a rapidly growing, hip, urban community and the new home of the Dallas Cowboys football team among other Dallas are sports franchises:

Dallas Cowboys New Home, Frisco, Texas; Site For First First AmeriCanna Cafe

North American Cannabis Holdings’ acquisition of a licensed CityBleds operator within the Dallas metroplex is extremely strategic.  Not only does the acquisition bring current sales and operating history within the specialty beverage bistro market sector, but it also brings the potential of a strategic relationship with the CityBlends corporate office issuing licenses nationwide with the potential to catapult the AmeriCanna Cafe business plan.  The acquisition has also brought North American Cannabis Holdings a potentially strategic relationship with a substantial Texas property developer.  Through North American Cannabis Holdings’ CityBlends operation, we have an opportunity to ideally acquire or at least lease an exceptionally well positioned retail property in Frisco, Texas on very friendly and favorable terms.  The property is on one of the main road arteries in the Dallas metroplex and in close proximity to the new Dallas Cowboys facility.   We anticipate finalizing terms on the property within the next two to four weeks.

As we continue to design the menu for the AmeriCanna Cafe, we plan to host additional events similar to the recent event at our Dallas metroplex CityBlends Cafe.  Look for these events to take place around the country.

We’ll also continue to do our best to craft compelling and exciting headlines around what is otherwise the mundane process of getting our first store launched.  We have months of mundane work ahead of us to get to the very exciting ribbon cutting event.  While mundane, the work is very important to the long-term success of North American Cannabis Holdings.  To bring this update to a close, I’ll say it one more time – the launch of the AmeriCanna Cafe the Company’s primary focus at this time.

I expect to post another update letter next week addressing the work we’ve accomplished recently in mitigating, settling and reducing legacy long-term debts associated with operations that pre-date the introduction of our current cannabis sector business focus.

Also, as our first licensee’s plans to launch the recently announced AmeriCanna Cafe in Atlanta unfold, further announcements can be expected:

First AmeriCanna Cafe Licensee Slated For Atlanta 

Thank you for your ongoing interest in, and enthusiasm for the growth and progress of North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc.

Best Regards,

Steven Rash



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