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RESTANCE Builds Condom Manufacturing Plant in Kenya to Enter $9.6 Billion Market

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RESTANCE, Inc. (ANCE) recently announced plans to open a condom manufacturing plant in Kenya to produce condoms for all Africa.  Research and Markets reports the global condom market is expected to reach US $9.6 Billion by 2021 at a CAGR of 8.2%.  The United Nations reports that condom usage in Africa is growing and is expected to continue growing until 2030.  RESTANCE has already acquired the tools to equip a manufacturing plant and is in negotiations to manufacture and distribute for a major global brand name.  CEO Randell Torno met recently with the Kenyan Ambassador to the United Sates, H.E. Robinson Githae to discuss investment in Kenya. 

The condom manufacturing capacity is the first major step in just one component of RESTANCE's strategy to pursue several business lines in the growing economies of East Africa. The Company is developing opportunities in the region including initiatives in technology and systems integration services, utility support services, affordable housing and health products manufacturing. RESTANCE recently acquired East African Development Partners to pursue its strategy in East Africa.

Socially Responsible and Fun Buy-One-Give-One Campaign

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The Socially Responsible and Fun Buy-One-Give-One campaign for selling condoms in North America and giving a way a condom in Africa for every condom sold has been in the works for some time now.  The campaign will be structured as a crowd-sale. The campaign will be positioned as a movement encouraging consumers to join in an effort to end the spread of sexually transmitted infection by practicing safe-sex and contributing to the practice of safe-sex in developing economic regions were economics are not conducive to safe-sex practices. 

The Buy-One-Give-One campaign has been designed in conjunction with The United Nations World Health Organization 2021 vision and goal for ending sexually transmitted infections.


Zero new infections, zero sexually transmitted infection-related complications and deaths, and zero discrimination in a world where everybody has free and easy access to sexually transmitted infection prevention and treatment services, resulting in people able to live long and healthy lives.


Ending sexually transmitted infection epidemics as major public health concerns.

Buy-One-Give-One US$20 Million First Year Forecast

The global condoms market is over US$9 billion annually, with 27 billion units sold largely in emerging economies of Asia, Middle East and Africa, according to research from Global Industry Analysts.  In addition to the Buy-One-Give-One campaign, RESTANCE and its partners will also market condoms for sale throughout Africa under a major brand name.  The first year sales forecast after launching operation is an anticipated US$20 million.